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McKenzie River Trail

Roadtripping to The West’s Best Shuttle Rides (PUBLISHED: Outdoor Sports Guide)

Originally published in Outdoor Sports Guide Magazine, August 2014. Shuttle rides, where ones takes a vehicle to an upper, higher-elevation trailhead, in order to make the majority of a ride a coast downhill, at one time was the lowest form of mountain biking. Shunned by peers as lazy for avoiding climbing and scolded by guidebook authors […]

PUBLISHED: Drinking and Playing in Utah- Year Round Sports

Originally Published by Utah Adventure Journal (Early Spring 13 issue) With an endless supply of outdoor endeavors found in Utah, one may tend to be thirsty by the end of the day’s activities. As a fine wine and cut of steak pair best in the right environment, these watering holes will enhance your days sport of […]

PUBLISHED: How Do You Still “LIVE THE DREAM” When You Quit Working For A Ski Resort?

Originally blogged by Ski Utah Eat: Powder. Play: Before the Sun comes up and after it goes down. Ramble: Work 9-5, ski the other 18 hours! Working at a ski resort, from a rookie turning screws in a rental shop to a Marketing Director a decade nothing short of an amazing dream come true. I’ve […]

Art & Ten Courses: It’s Nata Dozen

Originally on the Downtown SLC blog. Eat: Ten courses, which are both art and food. Play: Urban playground Ramble: SLC grows up. I love finding proof that our city is growing up. The latest piece of evidence is between State & Main on 400 S. Once a knife shop, the new Nata Gallery space is […]

PUBLISHED: “Beer Lake City”: Tales of a Dry State.

Originally blogged by Ski Utah. Eat: Liquid Dinner Play: On The Greatest Snow on Earth Ramble: The only thing dry in Utah is the powder! So you’ve heard rumors that Utah is a dry state. As with most rumors, there is not much truth involved, but somehow it spreads like a lake-effect storm. It is […]

PUBLISHED: Livin’ The Dream

Originally published in Utah Adventure Journal (Dec 2010): “Livin’ the dream”. If we said those words once to each other, we said them a thousand times over the course of our three night stay at the Snorkeling Elk Yurt, high in the Tushar Mountains. Living the dream applies to nearly each part of your day: watching […]