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OR Gear Roundup

Last weekend I headed up to the Uintas to test some gear from the OR show. A short (fine, really short – only 5 miles) backpacking trip in the Uintas was the perfect testing grounds for several new products. Not venturing too far from the trailhead allowed me to carry more than I normally would […]

McKenzie River Trail

Roadtripping to The West’s Best Shuttle Rides (PUBLISHED: Outdoor Sports Guide)

Originally published in Outdoor Sports Guide Magazine, August 2014. Shuttle rides, where ones takes a vehicle to an upper, higher-elevation trailhead, in order to make the majority of a ride a coast downhill, at one time was the lowest form of mountain biking. Shunned by peers as lazy for avoiding climbing and scolded by guidebook authors […]

Five Things to Do on the Middle Fork Besides Boating

Photos by Paul Richer / Richer Images Yes, you’re on a river trip, but there are endless other options beyond boating. Hiking. Looking up from the river while floating down the Middle Fork the views are stunning. But you are also only seeing the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Akin to seeing a national park […]

Six Days on the Middle Fork. Six Guides. Six Experiences.

In between rapids, our six guides would put on their history and biology hats to explain flora and fauna. river history and point out landmarks. They also play the part of luggage handler and gourmet chef each evening – incredible and strong people. Each day we made it a point to get in a boat […]

Six Things I Learned From The Rocky Guides on the Middle Fork

Photos by Paul Richer / Richer Images A branch of the Shoshone Tribe, the Sheepeaters, lived peacefully in the remote Middle Fork Canyon for 10,000 years. Pictographs dot the canyon walls to mark their existence. This tribe was exiled by white settlers in what is known as the Sheepeater Wars. A sad story’s history carries […]

Five Days of Perfect Meals. On A River.

All photos by Paul Richer / Richer Images One of the reasons we chose Rocky Mountain River Tours for our Middle Fork of the Salmon experience was food. A trip can be ruined for me if the food is even just average. In fact, it took me days of reading Trip Advisor reviews to pick an all inclusive […]

Glamping with Rocky Mountain River Tours

Putting on a neoprene wetsuit at 7 AM to step out in a 40 degree Stanley, Idaho morning can only mean one thing: Adventure! This is the coldest we’ll be all week, we are assured by Jared, head honcho at Rocky Mountain River Tours. The snow blanketing the Sawtooth range peaks, as well as several […]