The Quartino

Eat: Copper Onion

One of the best spots for lunch or dinner in Salt Lake, the Copper Onion is also a fantastic go to choice for après work drinks and snacks. Aside from the fact it’s just across the courtyard from my downtown office, the Copper Onion is a reliable choice since they serve food continuously from lunch through dinner. I’ve been shut down at 4 PM at a few downtown spots when they were in between menus.

Copper Onion was the first place I discovered the “quartino”. Larger than a glass, but smaller than a half bottle, the quartino fills a gap I never knew I had. Sometimes one glass isn’t enough, but two is too many: enter the quartino. When sharing a small plate with a friend ordering a entire bottle may be too much: enter the quartino. Two quartinos to be exact. You wind up with about a glass and a half each and get to try two different varietals. The quartino rules. And yes, I typed “quartino” seven times in the paragraph. It’s even more fun of a word to say, but drinking one or two is preferable.

What really sets the Copper Onion apart goes beyond the wine selections – it’s the peppers! The shishito peppers on the menu are addictive. It’s amazing how simple a dish can be, but you want to order it again and again. These spicy little numbers are charred, the drizzled in oil and sprinkled with salt.  Some peppers are really blackened – others are not. You’ll get a kick from the spice on some pepper – or bite into one with little heat. The bowl will be gone before you know it.

The patio faces south on 300 S, so it is nice and warm on a sunny summer day, but they do have plenty of overhead shades – perfect for a few hours of people watching.

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